eX Motorola 68000 top01  Motorola MC68000 CPU, removed from an Amiga 500. eX Motorola 68000 btm01  The underside of a Motorola MC68000 CPU. eX Motorola 68010 top  A sligtly more unusual member of the 68k family, the 68010. Although pin compatible with the 68000, it has some new tricks. Among the most noticable is the ability to support virtual memory and work with external MMUs (Memory Management Unit).
eX Motorola 68020 top1  A Motorola 68020 CPU. The '020' was released in 1984 and was a 32-bit successor to the famous 16-bit 68000 processor. It was the first 68k processor to feature a cache and is actually still sold to this day. Thir particular model 'RP' is not the common version found in classic computers such as the Amiga and Macintosh. In this case P stands for Plastic as the packaging is a 114-pin plastic PGA. (The more commen version is the RC (C_eramic). eX Motorola 68020 btm1  The underbelly of the Motorola 68020 CPU. eX MC68030 25MHz 01  A 25MHz Motorola 68030 RC. (C is for Ceramic enclosure).
eX MC68030 50MHz (on a Blizzard1230 mkII) 01  To the left is a Motorola 68030 CPU @50MHz and to the right is a MC68882 FPU (math co-processor). Motorola released the '030' in 1987 as the successor to the '020'. It wasn't until the '040' was released in 1990 taht the FPU would be built into the same chip. The 030 (RC version) had built in MMU (Memory Management Unit) and also 2 types of caches (Instruction and Data). eX Motorola 68040 40MHz 01  The fastest 68040 ever produced by Motorola; the 40MHz 040. The "oh forty" is a full 32-bit processor that used an internal clock that was half of the external clock. So the 40Mhz was actually 'driven' by a 80MHz oscillator. A 50Mhz version was planned but canceled due to the chip unfavorable heat characteristics. The RC in the model name means its a full part including CPU, FPU and MMU units. LC and EC versions missed either the FPU or both. eX Motorola 68040 40MHz 02  The 'underbelly' of the 68040 with all pins exposed.
eX Motorola MC68060 rev6 00  Motorola 68060 CPU. The last 68k CPU produced by Motorola before they abandoned the 68k line in favor of the PPC line of CPUs. This particular model is a 'revision 6' which is the last revision manufactured. It was sold at 50 and up to 66MHz but the latest revision could easily overclock to 80-100MHz. The 68060 is contemporary with Intel's first Pentium CPU and a fairly modern CPU design. eX Motorola 68060 rev6 04  Top: Heat sink, Middle: Socket, Bottom the 060 CPU. eX Motorola 68060 rev6 03
eX Motorola 68060 rev6 02