eX Amiga 600 Keyboard 01  Amiga 600 keyboard. eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Strip 02  If you compare this Amiga 600 keyboard to an A500 or A1200 keyboard, you'll notice there are no springs used under the key caps (well, spacebar has one actually). eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Strip 03  Not sure if this is a common issue on A600 keyboards, but check out the holes on the sides of some of those whiote plastic ... switches? The keys will still work, but they will have a tendency to fall off rather easily. Repairing this is not entierly trivial due to several things. First of all, this is sub-milimeter work precision required. If you put on glue that stick out even a quarter of a milimeter, the key will get stuck. Secondly, plastic is hard to glue, you need to fins an approprite glue. Furthermore, filling up those missing sides, requires tiny pieces of... something..
eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Strip 01  Amiga 600 keyboard with key caps stripped. eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Opened 01  This is what you see if you remove the back plate of an Amiga 600 keyboard. (After removing something like 18 small screws). eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Switches 01  Close-up of the rubber/plastic switches used for A600 keys.
eX Amiga 600 Keyboard 02  The rather un-interesting back side of an A600 keyboard. eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Strip 04  Here is the cheaper solution Commodore used for the A600 keyboard. No springs are used, so the "bounce-back" comes from these tiny rubber membrane things you see on each key. eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Switches 02  Amiga 600 key switches.
eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Caps 01  Here is another little problem you don't want to see happening to your Amiga keyboard. Considering the situation about keyboards from a computer that was made 25 years ago, you can imagine spare parts come at a premium if at all (and then you will likely have some color matching issues). Fixing stuff suddenly becomes a more viable option. The small plastic thing that holds the key in place broke off. To the right is the hopefully fixed version. Finding the right glue for this kind of plastic is a must and then use a pincette (tweezers?) to put the tiny piece back. eX Amiga 600 Keyboard Strip 05  These curious markings indicate the date of the production run of this Amiga 600 keyboard. In this case about October 22nd 1992.