eX 3 PSUs 01  PSU for: Atari XEGS, CD32, CD32 eX 3 PSUs 02  As you can see here, both the Atari and the Commodore PSUs are made from the same base molds. although they differ in the small "embossed" details such as logos and text on the back. eX CommodoreCD32 PSUs back 01  Both CD32 PSUs have labels that say "C65".
Atari vs Commodore PSU 01  Another side by side. Atari PSU to the left, Commodore to the right. Both have roundconnectors, although the Atari version has more pins. eX CommodoreCD32 PSU back label 01  Commodore PSU rated at 17W, 2.2A @ 5V eX AtariXEGS PSU back label 01  Atari PSU labled 2A @ 5V.
eX Commodore1541 box  A 1541 II drive in original box alongside the supplied PSU. eX Commodore1541 PSU zoom01  Top label reads: Model 1541-II / 1571-II/1581 eX C64G PSU 1  We have more PSUs using that form factor, previously seen on Atari XEGES, Amiga CD32 etc.. This one is for the C64G. As you may know, the C64G was produced from the stuff left over when the C64GS was discontinued.
eX C64G vs Atari XEGS PSU 1  Here is a comparison between the Atari XEGS PSU (left) vs C64G PSU (right). Here, even the pins are identical. Both these PSUs are manufactured in Singapore.