Remove_A1200_RFmod (better way)

eX A1200 RF removal 01  So, here wh have the RF modulator on an A1200 motherboard. We will get rid of it, mostly because I'll never use it but to allow us to install future HDMI connectors (or similar). eX A1200 RF removal 02  Notice the 3 pins at the back of the RF modulator. From a first look, that's the only contact you can see between the RF module and the motherboard, but we know there are more pins holding it down. eX A1200 RF removal 03  In the bottom picture, you can see an outline drawn that markse the placement of the RF module when looking at the bottom of the A1200 motherboard.
eX A1200 RF removal 04  Here we take a closer look at the area of the A1200 mobo where the RF module is. The 3 red circles and the yellow oval mark the 6 contact points we need to de-solder. The 3 yellow ones are easy. The 3 big (red) are a bit more difficult. Its as if these 3 have a higher melting point solder. You could probably use a soldering iron with more than 30W to desolder these effectively but since I haven't actually tried, I wont recommend it either. It  can  be done with a 30W iron or 30W desoldering device (Iron-vacuum pump combo) but it needs a bit of persistence. eX A1200 RF removal 06  Now we are zoomed in at a small portion of the A1200 motherboard. Here you can see the 3 small pins in the lower part of the image (just below the E232C). These 3 are easy to desolder. Takes just seconds. eX A1200 RF removal 07  Zoomed in at the edge of the A1200 mobo. The arrow points at one of the 3 fat pins. Here you can see it's beginning to move downwards.
eX A1200 RF removal 08  Close up of the A1200 RF module starting to come off. Blue arrow shows one of the 3 fat pins. We need to pill the module in the direction of the red arrows, but we do it very gently, only a couple of milimeters at a time. eX A1200 RF removal 09  Another look at the RF module coming of a A1200 mobo. Here I use a small screw driver to push the module away from the motherboard while heating the soldering points of the fat pins with a soldering iron. eX A1200 RF removal 10  The A1200 RF modulator module is starting to come off and here you can see that all 3 fat pins have come loose (turcose arrows). We pull in the direction of the red arrows, but we still need to heat the 3 small pins (unless they came entirely loose before in the de-soldering process) before pulling it off entirely.
eX A1200 RF removal 11  Voila, the RF modulator has been completely removed from the A1200 motherboard. eX A1200 RF removal 12  And this is what the A1200 mobo looks like from the bottom with RF module removed and mobo cleaned up a bit around the soldering holes. eX A1200 RF removal 13  Here is the RF modulator removed from the A1200, still quite intact.
eX A1200 RF removal 14  Here is the RF modulator removed from the A1200, seen from a different angle. I didn't bend any of the pins too much, so if we wanted to, it would be easy to solder it back onto the motherboard.