eX A500 mobo Rev5 01  A500 motherboard, revision 5 (B52 / Rock Lobster) eX A500 mobo MC68000 01  A500 motherboard, the (in)famous Motorola 68000 CPU running at 7.14MHz. eX A500 mobo Rev5 chips 01  Some of the more important custom chips. Fat Agnus (Blitter, Copper, Chip RAM etc)  Paula (Sound, Floppy controller, Serial port), Gary ("Glue Logic", bus control etc)
eX A500 mobo Rev5 chips 02  The Denise chip. This is the main video processor in the OCS chipset. eX A500 mobo Rev5 chips 03  Odd and Even CIA chips. The control various task such as Keyuboard, joystick, floppy, parallel port etc. Both chips are identical but assigned to perform different tasks. eX A500 mobo r5 overview  Overview of Amiga 500 rev 5 motherboard. (The Fat Agnus chip in the middle has been removed in this shot.)
eX A500 mobo CustomChips 01  Overview of the main chips that made the Amiga 500 into that great, nicely balanced machine it was back in the 80s. (Fat Agnus chip missing here). eX A500 mobo MemoryChips 01 eX A500 mobo Backplate 01  The back-plate of the A500. The expansions are (from left to right) 2x Joystick /mouse, Left/Right Audio, Disk Drive, Serial Port, Parallel Port, Power Connector R GB Video and Mono Sound.
eX A500 mobo SideConnector 01  The side expansion port. Typically, the harddrives would connect here in a side-cart. Other expansions such as accelerators and FastRAM expansions were possible too. eX A500 mobo TrapdorConnector 01  The trapdoor expansion used to expand the memory (RAM). Different "hacks" are possible. By using a Fatter Agnus chip and some soldering and cutting, a 512kB FastRAM expansion can be turned into ChipRAM. eX A500 mobo Rev5 AgnusMod 01  A Fatter Agnus. This version of Angus (8372A) comes from an A500+ but wht a fairly easy hardware mod, it's possible to upgrade an A500 (rev 5 in this case) to use 1MB ChipRAM like the A500+. One of the steps is to upgrade the Angus chip (from the original 8371). The red piece of tape isolates the pin that triggers NTSC mode by default and I want PAL. (hopefully it wont melt ;-)
2016-01-30 02.54.28  A500 motherboard, 68000 CPU removed from its socket. (The green wire on the chip to the right is a small hack to make the 2.05 ROM chips work in an A500)