Shades Of Evolution,        Project: 'Cosmic Ambush'
Idea & Project Management: Anders Lindsköld
Lead Programmer: Patrik Holmsten
Intro Programmer: Anders Olsson
Graphics: Daniel "eXeler0" Sevo
Music: Anders Lindsköld
Sound Effects: Martin Melander
Additional Programming: Anders Lindsköld
Peter "Piot" Björklund
Special Thanx to: Ethan Brodsky
The hobby project was initially planned to be finished in 6 months, it took almost 2 years. It began as a DOS only game, but Windows 95 came out in the middle of the development process. In the end, the dev team decided to stick to DOS.
As the only active Amiga fanboi at the time (1994-1996), eXeler0 (aka Daniel Sevo) created all graphics in Deluxe Paint and Imagine 3d on an Amiga 1200.
Each background uses it's own 128 color palette while the sprites / player ship, enemies, bullets etc) share a custom (fixed) 128 color palette (custom made in Deluxe Paint).
The Sound FX guy (Martin Melander) did all his work on an Atari Falcon.
The rest of the gang were PC users.