Exploring the Galaxy - Cashing In

Now we cash in. As you can see, the payment you get for a system varies greatly based on a bunch of different factors. You also get a bonus if you are the first to discover something. It takes a while to go through all the systems and sell your data. More examples of varying rewards.
177k for one system, best so far.. Depending on the type of objects, the First-to-discover awards will differ too. Obviously, Earth like planets pay good cash. Am I overloading the systems? ;-) 178k, not bad.
Now, that looks better. Earned a bit over 15 million on this trip. You would almost certainly earn a lot more if you spent the same amoun of time on trading, but honestly, exploration is not everyone's cup of tee, but if it is, it's far more exciting than making cargo runs and your name gets spread throughout the galaxy as you are first to discover stuff..