eX xboxOld front 01  Microsoft has messed up the Google searches for the first Xbox. What are we supposed to call it? Well. technically, it's just 'Xbox'. The historical reason is that it was internally referred to as the 'Direct X Box'. In any case, this is the front view of a PAL version. eX XboxOld underside 01  The underbelly of the Xbox. To unscrew the 6 screws holding it all together, you need a T20 screw driver. These screws are long and pretty much reach through the height of the case. eX XboxOld CoverOff 01  Once the screws are removed from the underside of the Xbox, you can lift of the top panel/cover. (Sorry for crappy phone camera) to the left you can see the DVD drive and to the right we have a standard 3.5" Hard Drive. eX XboxOld CoverOff 02  The removed top cover of an Xbox.
eX xboxOld Inside Top 01  With the top cover removed from the Xbox, here is a top down view of whats under the 'hood'. A single split ATA cable connects both the DVD and the HDD to the mainboard. eX xboxOld HDD 01  The Hard Drive in the Xbox is a fairly standard Seagate 3.5" ATA drive. I believe the size of the drive is 8GB. eX xboxOld T10 screw 01  In the next step, a T10 screwdriver is needed to remove the plastic holder where the HDD sits in the Xbox. eX XboxOld remove HDD 01  Once the T10 screw is removed, the 'HDD cradle' can be lifted off, however some cables will prevent you to easily separate it from the box completely.
eX XboxOld CoverOff HDD removed 01  With the 'HDD cradle' turned over to the right, the internal PSU is reveald an parts of the Xbox motherboard. eX xboxOld DVD 02  Now it's time to remove the DVD player from the Xbox. eX xboxOld DVD 01  The DVD ROM in the Xbox looks standard enough, but as you will see, some design features makes this a pretty "custom" piece. eX xboxOld DVD PowerConnector 01  The ATA connector to the right is a standard IDE/ATA connector, the power connector however is not your typical 4 pin molex.
eX xboxOld T10 screws x2 01  Two more T10 screws need to be removed in order to remove the DVD ROM from the Xbox. eX xboxOld DVD removed 01  There, the Xbox DVD ROM unit, and as you can see, there is some very custom plastic integrated into the DVD unit. eX xboxOld DVD removed 02  There, the Xbox DVD ROM from below. The cradle is also a custom thing. eX xboxOld DVD removed 03  The Xbox DVD ROM unit, and as you can see here again, there is some very custom plastic integrated into the DVD unit.
eX xboxOld DVD removed 04  You can lift off the Xbox DVD ROM unit from the cradle, but the player is still a customized item. eX xboxOld Internal PSU 01  Another look of the Xbox PSU. I was expecting some shielding around this, but no. eX xboxOld mobo 01  With both the DVD ROM unit and the HardDrive removed, we can now see pretty much the entire Xbox motherboard. Under the two big heatsinks we find the nVidia GPU (the left, smaller one) and an Intel CPU (bigger, to the right). eX xboxOld mobo zoomin 01  Somce custom chips and some memory chips on the Xbox motherboard. The chip to the right is an nVidia chip, however, this is  not  the main GPU. (The GPU is to the left under the heat sink).
eX xboxOld mobo zoomin 02  Another one of Xbox's custom chips 'Xyclops'. eX xboxOld mobo zoomin 03  And the 'Xcalibur' custom chip sitting 'north' of the GPU on the Xbox motherboard.