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How about a free PC game from the good(?) old(!) DOS era?

Name of the game: Cosmic Ambush
Creators: Shades Of Evolution
Year of release: 1996
System requirements: If you have a retro computer: PC (IBM compatible) 486 DX2 or better, 16Mb RAM
OS: DOS, Win95/98/etc - Newer Windows versions or even other OS:es should run DOSBOX (DOS Emulator)
Filesize: 3 MB zipped, 7 MB unpacked

How to play: Arrow keys for Left, Right, Up, Down.
R Ctrl = Fire, R Alt = Smart Bomb

(Right)Click here to download (Save Link As / Save Target As)

YouTube, 12min video of intro and gameplay:

*** Cosmic Ambush gameplay video with sound ***


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