Peek inside the Atari 7800 14/07/18

See the inside of the Atari 7800
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The Atari 7800 was developed in 1984 but did not reach the market until 1986 except for a limited run of these consoles that were launched in California in…
The bottom side of the Atari 7800. Made in China.
With the top of the case removed, a rusty old shield can be seen.
This is the underside of the top case of the Atari 7800. I can clearly see a Pac Man eating a dot/hole there. Was this an "official" easter egg or only found on…
With the Shielding removed, we can see the rather simple motherboard inside the Atari 7800.
Let's have a closer look at those chips on the Atari 7800 motherboard. Chip 5 & 6 are basically used to offer Atari 2600 compatibility. The Atari 7800 actually…
Here we can see that the Power connector has been tampered with, or rather, replaced.
The shiny & rusty "box" is the RF modulator (shield).
The much overworked bottom part of the Atari 7800 case.
This motherboard is a "Revision C". Other revisions may have vastly modified component layout.