Remove_A600_RFmod (stupid way)

When your Amiga 600 has HDMI out, the RF modulator doesnt feel like a necessary thing keep on the mobo.
This metal thingy is the shileding around the RF modulator of an A600.
Removing the top is easy. Below we see a circuit board, and you can already tell, there's stuff there thats soldered to the motherboard.
Top view of the RF modulator circuit board on an Amiga 600.
This is the underside of the A600 mobo - below the RF modulator.
We can identify these pins as stuff that we will need to de-solder from the A600 motherboard in order to remove the RF modulator.
The pins that need to be de-soldered from another angle.
Once you've de-soldered in all the right spots, you can lift off the circuit board.
In retrospect, these where the ones that needed to be de-soldered.
THe RF modulator was not meant to be removed too easily it seems...
Once you desoldered the right stuff, you can remove the parts.
The RF mod circuit board removed. The bottom shielding is still there. At this point, I'm starting to think I should have tried to desolder the entire bottom…
So now, what remains is the bottom part of the shiled.
The RF modulator disassembled.
A600 RF modulator, other side.
The lower part of the shiled is held onto the motherboard with these 3 pins. Looks easy enough, but the metal in the shield does not heat up easily, so it…
Finally, the shield is completely removed from the motherboard. I used a small flat scredriver to pry off the shield *while* heating the remaining pins.
There, A600 mobo with no RF modulator.
The RF modulator, removed from the A600 motherboard.
Now we have some useful space on tha A600 mobo. In this case, we are going to use the space and the hole in the back for the HDMI out from the Vampire V2. (Yoou…