A500 trapdoor memory expansion (512kB Fast RAM, but can be turned into ChipRAM with a hardware mod involving a chip upgrade, som,e soldering and some cutting…
This is a DCE scan doubler for the Amiga 1200, I think its a variant of the DCE Scan Magic, but its not entirely easy to confirm the exact model name.
Another image of the DCE scan doubler for the A1200.
Circuit board of the
DCE scan doubler for the A1200.
Home made (not by me) Amiga MIDI interface. (Sold @ AmiBay)
To the left: a DCTV (Digital Composite Television) device. It's an odd little device that acts as a video dispaly and digitizer. It connects to the Amiga's RGB…
There is nothing particularly old about this item. But its used with old hardware. It is an USB 'Floppy Emulator'. You can put 'images' of entire floppys on an…
The back-side of a Gotek drive. To the left is a regular 4-pin power connector and the big cable in the middle/right is a regular floppy cable.
Electronic Design Amiga Genlock (PAL).
Electronic Design Amiga Genlock (PAL). Bunch of mode selector switches on the side.
Electronic Design Amiga Genlock (PAL). Couple of ports on the back side.
This is a Datic MIDI Interface device for the Amiga. The wide connector connects to the Serial Port of the Amiga and the other MIDI connectors sit in the front.…