The A3000 motherbaord.
The A3000 motherboard in its case.
Fairly low serial number suggesting its an early unit.
Lots of stickers in the way , but mobo revision is 8.9?
The RAMSEY chiip on the A3000.
AFAIK the A3000 is the only Amiga that has a Motorola 68882 Math Co processor on the motherboard.
This is the main CPU of the Amiga 3000. The Motorola 68030, this one is at 25MHz and curiously its an XC part, not an MC..
The A3000 has a SUPER BUSTER chip.
Here's the FAT GARY chip on the A3000.
The A3000 has a SUPER DMAC chip.
Like late A500 models, the A3000 has a FAT AGNUS, but this particular version is quite rare these days.
Tha A3000 has the ECS Denise "8373".
The A3000 is the only AMiga with an AMBER chip, its because it's the only Amiga with onboard scandoubler. The A3000 can produce both 15 and 31kHz video output.
The A3000 has like most Amigas the good old (mostly unmodified) Paula chip for sound.
The A3000 ahs this funny looking ROM set up on the motherboard. I think the idea was to be able to boot from different ROMs for backwards compatibility.
Unfortunately, the A3000 has these funky looking ZIP-RAM modules instead of something like a SIM-module.