eX CD32 rev3 mobo top1  The Amiga CD32 motherboard still in its case. This particular board is suffering from leaking caps. eX CD32 rev3 text  This says that this particular CD32 motherboard is a "Spellbound rev 3". AFAIK, only 2 revisions were released to the market. Rev 3 and 4.1 eX CD32 rev3 mobo top2  Another snap of the rev3 CD32 motherboard, taken out of its case. The CD32 is technically very similar to tha Amiga 1200 but a quick look at the chips will reveal that some things were done differently on the CD32. The 2xCIA chips, Gayle and Budgie chips found on the A1200 are missing. Instead there is a new kid in town - the AKIKO chip (Big chip upper right that  reads VLSI...)
eX CD32 rev3 mobo btm  The underside of the rev3 CD32 board. eX CD32 rev3 mobo caps1  For some reason the two big (1000uF) caps are mounted with reversed polarity. This is a strange thing that was probably a manufacturing glitch on rev 3. eX CD32 rev3 mobo top caps removed  Here we see the rev3 CD32 motherboard with RF modulator and all caps removed. Unfortunately there was some corrosion from leaking caps that damaged the board, so some traces and pads need repair.
eX CD32 rev3 mobo chip1  "Alice" - One of the AGA chips that are same on CD32 and A1200. eX CD32 rev3 mobo chip2  "Lisa" - Another one of the AGA chips that are same on CD32 and A1200. This one seems to be manufactured by HP and some revisions of A1200 also have this version. eX CD32 rev3 mobo chip3  The new chip that only exists in the CD32. The AKIKO is a multi purpose chip that contains functionality from CIA, Gayle, Budgie (previously these were separate chips on A1200) but also CD32 controller logic and a Chunky To Planer conversion "unit". The Chunky to Planar conversion was added to ease some of the limitation of the "planar" graphics system the Amiga used. Basically, Chunky mode is much faster in 256 color modes. It was added to give the console a fighting chance to better run "Doom" -like games.
eX CD32 rev3 mobo chip4  The good(?) old(!) Paula chip or "391077-01" is the chip that got the least attention of all Amiga chips ever made. It's basically the same chip as it was in 1984 when the first Amiga prototype was shown. Luckilyu, it was a very good solution back then, so at least it aged fairly gracefully. eX CD32 rev3 mobo cpu  This small chip is the CPU. A 14MHz Motorola 68EC020, meaning the CD32 used the exact same CPU as the A1200. eX CD32 rev3 mobo ROM  The CD32 was the first Amiga to use the 3.1 ROM. This is the last official version from Commodore.
eX CD32 rev3 mobo chipRAM  This is the 2MB Chip RAM used by the CD32. (4x 512kB)