eX Amiga Frontier1  [Video-link] Frontier (aka Elite 2) here captured at 50fps running on an Amiga 1200 with a 66MHz 060 CPU. eX AmigaAGA Gloom 01  Gloom Deluxe running on Amiga 1200. Not a personal favourite, but a solid First Person Shooter that scales well with plenty of options so it runs on everything from a vanilla 1200a up to 060 Amigas. eX AmigaGame ZorkI 01  Cover of an old classic. Zork 1, the classic text adventure.
eX AmigaMixed games 01  Random collection of some nice Amiga games. Middle row is some of the more recognizable 1st person shooters. eX AmigaAGA TSOTTM 01  Pretty rare Amiga game. It was released late and requires a fast Amiga. I think it was optimized for the 040 CPU. Graphics are voxel generated and the music is kick-ass ;-) eX CD32 gamelot 01  Collection of some famous CD32 titles.